A Multicriteria Assessment of the Sustainability of Governing Structures in Bulgarian Agriculture



Hrabrin Bachev


Bachev H. 2017. A Multicriteria Assessment of the Sustainability of Governing Structures in Bulgarian Agriculture. Eastern European Business and Economics Journal 3(3): 194-222.


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The issue of assessment of absolute and comparative sustainability of major governing structures in agriculture is very topical, both in academic and practical (policy and business) sense. Despite this, there are practically no assessments of the sustainability level of diverse governing structures (like unregistered holding, agri-firms, cooperatives etc.) in Bulgarian agriculture during the implementation  of the European Union Common Agricultural Policy. This article applies a holistic framework and assesses the absolute and comparative sustainability of Bulgarian farming enterprises of different juridical type. Initially a new governance aspect (pillar) of farm sustainability is justified and the method of the study is presented. After that, integral, governance, economic, social, and environmental sustainability of the farms of different juridical type is assessed. Next, the structure of farms with different sustainability levels is analyzed. Finally, directions for further research and practices in sustainability assessment are suggested.



farm sustainability, governance, economic, social, ecological aspects, Bulgaria


JEL classification:

D23, D24, Q12, Q13, Q18






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