Practical Dimensions of the Debate Strategy VS Structure of Trace Group Hold AD



Nikolay Mihaylov


Mihaylov N. 2016. Practical Dimensions of the Debate Strategy VS Structure of Trace Group Hold AD. Eastern European Business and Economics Journal 2(2): 129-138.


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Daniela-Tatiana AGHEORGHIESEI (CORODEANU), Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania;

Jari Roy Lee KAIVO-OJA, University of Turku, Finland;

Spartak KEREMIDCHIEV, Economic Research Institute at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria;

Eduard  MARINOV, Economic Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria;

Gerasimos SOLDATOS, American University of Athens, Greece.



This article represents a continuation of the debate over the interaction between strategy and structure. The research is based on the evolution of the Bulgarian construction holding company Trace Group Hold AD. It outlines the development of the holding company throughout its three stages characterized by the employment of different strategies and structures. The summarized analysis of the path traversed by Trace Group Hold AD points to the thesis that strategy determines structure. Another important conclusion is that the interaction between strategy and structure should be viewed as a dynamic development cycle rather than as a flat correlation between the two categories.


Keywords: strategy, structure, interaction cycle


JEL codes: M15







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