The Function of Internal Marketing in the Process of Formation of a Customer-Centric Company


Olga Okunyeva


Okunyeva O. 2018. The Function of Internal Marketing in the Process of Formation of a Customer-Centric Company. Eastern European Business and Economics Journal 4(2): 97-131.


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The aims of this paper are: to analyse the key conceptual advances of internal marketing in terms of their interrelation with customer centricity; to present the author’s vision of the place of internal marketing in the system of marketing of a client-centric company; and to justify its function in the formation of such. This paper begins with a comprehensive analysis of conceptual models of internal marketing. The analysis examines the following parameters: 1) the client as a separate component of the model, and 2) client orientation as a part of the model. The practical part presents the study of customer centricity in trade and intermediary companies in Kiev based on the author’s two-step approach: Mystery Shopper audit based of modification of SERVQUAL’s questionnaire; playing test by the method of critical scenarios. The results of the study represent the author’s classification of the existing models of internal marketing and the author’s model of internal marketing in the system of marketing of a client-centric company, where three key functions of internal marketing were highlighted. It is empirically confirmed that the use of internal marketing gives the go-ahead to enhancing customer centricity.



Internal marketing, Client centricity, Service quality


JEL classification:

M120, M31, L81






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